Marquette is the largest city in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and it's known as the Queen City. Ever wonder why?

Traditionally a Queen City, and many cities claim this nickname, is given to the second-largest city in a given region or perhaps the largest city in a state where it's not the capital.

Marquette's Queen City status could come from a few different ways. It's the largest city in the Upper Peninsula, but not the largest city in the state. Or perhaps it's the younger of the UP's other main city, Sault Ste. Marie.

It only took five years after the discovery of iron in present day Negaunee for Marquette to spring up from temporary settlements to a bustling industrial city. Today, Marquette is more of a college town and tourist attraction for mountain bikers, hikers, and health enthusiasts; but the Queen City of the North has a rich history.

Marquette is either known as the Queen City of the North, or as this 1897 map attests, the Queen City of Lake Superior.

Marquette Michigan 1897
Library of Congress

Other Queen Cities in America include Buffalo, Charlotte and Cincinnati.

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