Several Kalamazoo buildings were open to the public during the Hidden Kalamazoo 2017 tour. Here we take a look through the Masonic Temple. 

The Hidden Kalamazoo tours started in 2013.

The tour benefits the Kalamazoo Historic Preservation Commission, founded in 1965, to fund projects that illuminate our heritage. Since 2013, the tour has raised over $40,000.


This Masonic Temple was the second home to the Masons after they outgrew the first. Construction started in 1913 and claimed to be fireproof. Made of concrete, brick and floors reinforced with railroad ties.-Hidden Kalamazoo Tour Guide

What's really interesting is that this was a Masonic Temple yet on the top floor are Knights Templar symbols.

Check out some of these amazing photos here.

As a bonus, Here is a time lapse video out one of the upper floor windows.

There were seven buildings on the tour with a bonus "mystery" building that was removed at the last minute because of safety concerns.

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BONUS VIDEO:The Hidden, Historic Drake House in Kalamazoo