No matter how many times you have been to Michigan's Adventure you've probably never seen this secret, hidden message spelled out several stories tall.

On a visit to Michigan's Adventure,  a ride attendant pointed out a sight that park-goers never see: the declaration "I love Michigan's Adventure" spelled out in the silhouette of 4 attractions.

We were at the HydroBlaster, near the lagoon chatting with Brandon while my Nephew was the lone rider. Apparently nobody had been on the slide for some time as he was feeling chatty and told us, "I'm going to point out something that most people never see at Michigan's Adventure." Brandon gestured to the Rip Chord and explained that the tower makes the letter "I." Next he showed us a heart shape in the looping Thunderhawk and indicated from where we stood and the hills of the Wildcat look like an "M." Brandon then directed our attention all the way across the lagoon to the Sea Dragon with its "A" shaped steel supports that the ride swings from.

  • I ♥ M A
  • I love Michigan's Adventure

Look for this secret message hidden in plain sight the next time you visit.

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