The Old Mill in Dundee, Michigan serves as a banquet hall, Community Center, Museum and Haunted attraction where you can do your own paranormal investigation. 

The Haunted Old Mill Museum offers public and private ghost hunts in what they claim is "very rich in history, and paranormal activity". The web site says there were no deaths in the building but gives these reasons why it may be haunted.

While there are no documented deaths inside The Old Mill Museum itself, there are documented deaths at the dam, and rumored deaths on the property itself. Though even though there are not documented deaths inside, the property and area the Mill resides on is rich in history! There are also many other reasons it could be haunted.

  • Limestone - It's rumored that limestone can hold the energies, much like a cassette tape holds it's music. Much of The Old Mill Museum is built from limestone, which was taken from under the river, at the dam.
  • Power - It's said that spirits need energy, and The Old Mill Museum actually created power at one time, and in fact still has the generator!
  • Water - It has been said that water, or running water tends to increase activity. The Old Mill Museum has the river right outside, the dam etc.
  • Antiques - It is said spirits can be attached to items, The Old Mill Museum is filled with antiques, items from many, many years ago.

There are many reasons The Old Mill Museum has activity, these are just a few.

So, for $37 dollars per person or a minimum of $370, you could investigate this haunted mill, or just rent the banquet hall and throw a party, your choice.

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