Remember the guy that taunted the Redford Police on Facebook only to have it backfire?  He just won a little respect back.

Back on October 6th, after telling the Redford Police "they suck" on facebook, a 21 year-old man wanted on warrants laid out a challenge for the cops.  He claimed he would turn himself in with a dozen doughnuts and pick up every piece of litter around public schools if their facebook post got 1,000 shares.  Click here for that whole story.

4,515 shares later we have an update!

Matthew Zaydel, the man that went by "Champagne Torino" on Facebook turned himself in Monday evening...with doughnuts.

I can't be the only person that assumed if this guy is dumb enough to taunt the police on Facebook that he would not hold up his end of the bargain.  Well, I was wrong.  Best of luck to the Redford Police and Matthew Zaydel.  Maybe he has a future working with Law Enforcement social media.

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