A group is helping those unable to rock hunt at beaches one piece of mail at a time.

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Meet Jason. Jason has been wheelchair-bound since he was injured at age 5. Jason loves rock hunting but has been unable to physically go to beaches to hunt for new treasures.

Jason's mother Letty says she and Tania Snyder were members of a social media group titled Michigan Rockhounds. Michigan Rockhounds is a group of hobbyists who post photos of their latest finds and can ask for help identifying what those finds are.

Letty says that there were a lot of members of the group who would comment about how much they missed being able to rock hunt. Many homebound like Jason.

That's when Tania Snyder decided to start a new group, Rockhounding 4 Homebound. Rockhounding 4 Homebound is for those who are unable to make it to beaches or other rock-rich hunting grounds to exchange their addresses and P.O. box numbers so those who do rock hunt can send an at-home rock hunting experience.

Courtesy of Letty Sherry

Photo's posted of Jason's very excited reaction to receiving those packages says it all. Pure joy! Letty says he has received over 40 pieces of mail so far filled with fossils and other goodies.

Letty says that not every rock has to be a great find because part of the fun is searching through the mixes sent. Jason also sends some of his gifted rocks to others. Jason goes through his stash to find rocks with lots of points and ridges then passes them on to his young blind friend.

Sending rocks through the mail can make for a hefty load. Letty says her mail carrier has been extremely supportive and is thankful that the route to Jason and Letty's home is a driving route and not a walking route.

Courtesy of Letty Sherry
Courtesy of Letty Sherry

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