You would think that since Michigan has an international border, that the country most visited by our residents would be Canada. But it turns out the most popular destination for Michiganders, at least according to the travel gurus at Orbitz, is actually about quite far away.

Orbitz booking data shows that generally, most states in the U.S. tend to have Canada, Mexico, or the UK as the most popular travel destination for their residents. However, Michigan oddly shows that China is visited more disproportionately compared to other foreign countries. That seems a little surprising as I can't think of one person I know who has ever told me about their wonderful vacation in China that they just got back from.

Our neighboring states had some odd ones too. For Indiana and Wisconsin, it was the Bahamas (which I personally would choose 100 times before China). Ohio likes to go to Germany. And finally, Illinois came in with United Arab Emirates.


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