Award-winning artists Lee Lessack and Johnny Rodgers have teamed up to recreate the magic of the 1981 reunion concert of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel. In honor of Veterans Day, Miller is giving away free tickets to those who have served.

The price has been paid. Miller Auditorium recognizes the service and sacrifice Veterans have made and are extending an offer for free tickets to the upcoming show 'Live in Central Park [Revisited]: Simon & Garfunkel.'

Half a million people gathered in New York City's Central Park in September of 1981 to see Paul Simon reunited with old partner Art Garfunkel to blend their voices on the songs they made famous including “Mrs. Robinson,” “Homeward Bound,” “Scarborough Fair,” “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” “The Sound of Silence,” and many more.

Lee Lessack and Johnny Rodgers will recreate the music of that magical reunion one night only, November 17 at Miller Auditorium.

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