Anything but hands-free use of a cell phone behind the wheel would be illegal if a new bill passes the Michigan House.

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New distracted driving legislation in the Michigan state House aims to make any phone use other than hands-free illegal. It is already against the law to text and drive in the state but a new proposal strives to limit drivers' cell phone use even more and add stiff penalties.

Saginaw's WNEM reports:

A bill introduced into the state House would prohibit using all handheld devices for any reason including texting, talking or using apps - unless it has a voice controlled, hands-free option and is being used that way.

-WNEM, TV5, Saginaw, MI


A $250 fine is the punishment, doubling to $500 and adding 3 points to the violator's driving record for a repeat offense. Lawmakers hope to reduce accidents and save lives.

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