Our state has many beautiful and booming areas that are thriving because of the community based around them. Then there are other cities who are on the struggle bus, but making a comback. It seems like one of those cities has just been named the most stressed city in the country. That city, is Detroit.

Wallethub recently did a survey where they compared more than 180 cities across 37 key metrics. Their data set ranged from average weekly work hours, debt load, to divorce and suicide rates. Turns out Detroit must be one stressed out city, considering the only other Michigan city to make the list was Grand Rapids, but they ranked 153rd. Here is the top ten most stressed out cdities according to them accompanied byt a map which shows each city listed and their rank of stress:

Overall Rank*CityTotal Score‘Work Stress’ Rank‘Financial Stress’ Rank‘Family Stress’ Rank‘Health & Safety Stress’ Rank
1Detroit, MI63.5324341
2Newark, NJ62.8014145
3Cleveland, OH60.8130267
4Birmingham, AL58.03109534
5Toledo, OH57.42977145
6Baltimore, MD56.942181048
7Wilmington, DE55.257303328
8Milwaukee, WI55.0258141233
9Gulfport, MS54.826718433
10St. Louis, MO53.5728195017
Source: WalletHub

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