With all the problems we have had in the area this summer with the levels of PFAS discovered in our water, it's nice to get some good news. Battle Creek announced this morning there is zero levels of PFAS in their drinking water. The announcement was made on their Facebook post today stating:

There is **no level of PFAS** in City of Battle Creek drinking water. Test results are back, and came up "non-detect" for the man-made chemicals founds in many items, and which don't break down in the environment. Testing is part of a statewide initiative. See the test results report, letter to the city from the state, and more information at our website, linked below.

This is great news, as it was announced a few weeks ago that the major PFAS problem that troubled Parchment, was finally cleared and their water is back to normal now too. This is the importance of constantly testing out waters.

Bonus Video: Drone Flyover of the Abandoned Parchment paper Factory

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