Free meals for kids if the parents surrender their phones. Should Kalamazoo restaurants adopt this family-friendly policy?

There used to be a time when families all ate dinner together. It was about tacos not Twitter. Instead of adding to your story on Snapchat, you shared with your siblings and the "likes" were for the food, not Facebook. A U.K. restaurant is trying to bring back a part of the "good old days" by offering free kids meals to parents who agree to power down their mobile device and plug in to their offspring.

"'Tis the Season to be Family" is the name of Frankie & Benny's holiday campaign to champion families. The idea came when F&B surveyed kids and found out that they felt like their parents' phones were more important than what they had to say. The no phone rule is not a rule per se, they don't require anyone to lock their phone away but that is the only way to earn the free kids meal.

Should they do this in Southwest Michigan? What restaurant where you live would you love to see implement this offer?

Source: USA Today via Battle Creek Enquirer

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