The northern point on the Keweenaw Peninsula is along M-26 approaching Copper Harbor. There are a few houses along that lonely road along the shores of Lake Superior. This house, located at 47.479411 is, by a scant few decimal points of latitude, the northernmost house in Michigan as near as we can tell.

The spot is east and north of Eagle Harbor between Dan's Point and Devil's Washtub. The Washtub is a can't miss but often overlooked spot along M-26. Michigan Tech describes it as

Devil’s Washtub (also “Sloshing Whatnot”) is a wonderful example of a Blowhole within the Copper Harbor Conglomerate. With strong waves the spot is very exciting! In calmer moments it can be a spot for swimming and one may pass through a lake arch of conglomerate, or the arch may be filled with loose gravel.

Parking is very limited and the site is unmarked, but is opposite the Dapple Gray B&B, where M26 turns south away from the shore about 2 mi west of Copper Harbor.

This house may actually be within your grasp as it's listed for sale. We were contacted by Northern Michigan Land Brokers who shared with us this listing for a house at 12811 M-26. The 3400 square foot house is on 14 acres with 650 feet of Lake Superior frontage. How much will the northernmost house in Michigan set you back? It's currently listed for $875,000.

Live life with a million dollar view! This 3 bedroom, 2 bath home is situated on 14 acres of land with over 650 feet of lake frontage on the greatest lake in the world! This home was built in 1993 and has high ceilings in the second floor, along with an open floor plan. Home has half log siding and a northern lodge feel. The seller is willing to leave all the furnishings in the house which includes a player piano, hot tub, and tanning bed!

You'd have very few neighbors but scenery that is unlike anything else in Michigan.

Are there any houses located north of here and still in Michigan? It doesn't appear so. While there may have once been residences on Isle Royale, the national park no longer has any permanent residents, making those living at the very tippy top of the Keweenaw the state's northernmost homeowners.

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