Call it the ghost of Geoffrey. There's something awfully strange happening at the former Toys R Us on 28th Street in Grand Rapids.

GR radio personality Rob Sparks was cruising 28th Street recently when he saw an unnerving sight. While no one appeared to be in the vacated store, the cash register lights were flickering on and off giving the store quite the Stranger Things vibe.

If you believe there's something afoul at the 28th Street store, know that it would not be the first Toys R Us location to carry an urban legend about being haunted. There is a famously haunted toy store in Sunnyvale, California. Here's what the says about the Bay Area store:

Almost immediately, employees reported strange happenings. Toys would fly off shelves, people felt phantom touches, and faucets turned on and off by themselves. It became legendary among paranormal investigators in the late 70s, when it played host to several seances by psychic Sylvia Browne. One of those seances was shown on the popular program “That’s Incredible,” launching the store to international fame.

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