A one-time Sunday afternoon staple has been gone from Kalamazoo for many years. What happened? Now that Old Country Buffet Is Closing, will they come back? 

I remember, when I was a kid, going to Ponderosa almost every Sunday for dinner. They always had a great buffet and the steaks were tender and juicy. Then one day, it was gone. no more filling up on ice cream after a few small bites of salad. The location on Drake Road in Kalamazoo, gone. The location on South Westnedge in Portage, gone. I don't remember the exact year because I was young and didn't concern myself with trivial things like when and why. All I knew was that that Sunday tradition was over.

Fast forward to 2017 and a return trip from Northern Michigan. Taking the back roads on a motorcycle, I came across a Ponderosa in Cadillac. It was starting to rain so that made for the perfect time to stop and grab a bite to eat.

While the prices weren't the two to three dollars per meal like they once were, (try thirteen bucks for the buffet, plus a drink)  it still wasn't that bad and maybe even better then some of the buffets we have now.

I guess it gave me time to reminisce of childhood over some soft serve and wonder if Ponderosa will ever come back to Kalamazoo.

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