We celebrate the Bicentennial tonight on the Night Shift by playing one hit wonders from 1976.

These days I sometimes wonder if the United States will survive to see another Independence Day, but in 1976 all of America came together to celebrate two hundred years of freedom. Old Glory designs were on clothes everywhere and the flag with thirteen stars from the original colonies was flying from many a front porch and gazebo. Like 2020, it was an election year with a meek peanut farmer from Georgia winning the White House, making Gerald Ford the only politician to serve as Vice President and President of the United States without having been elected to either office.

M.A.S.H., the Six Million Dollar Man and Kojak were among the most popular television programs in '76, and a struggling actor finally got a movie he wrote filmed- you might have heard of Sylvester Stallone and Rocky? Seven years after the moon landing, NASA put landing vehicles on Mars and unveiled the first space shuttle: Enterprise. The Bee Gees, Bay City Rollers, Queen and Abba were in the stratosphere on the music charts, but tonight, we look at the artists who were as successful as the $2 bill; it's a One Hit Wonder Wednesday on the Night Shift. Listen for these songs and more tonight on K102.5.

Happy Days | Pratt & McClain

The TV show Happy Days used "Rock Around the Clock" for the opening credits for its first two seasons. In 1976, Pratt & McClain recorded a new song that became a Top 5 hit.

Making Our Dreams Come True | Cyndi Grecco

Another TV hit, this came from Happy Days spinoff Laverne & Shirley.

Play That Funky Music White Boy | Wild Cherry

The pride of Mingo Junction, Ohio, Wild Cherry's success came, in part, from Michigan native Terry Knight. The Grand Funk Railroad manager got them a record deal. but couldn't get them a second hit record.

Shannon | Henry Gross

This is one of those songs you may not recognize by title, but will remember instantly the moment you hear it. That's what One Hit Wonder Wednesday is about.

Listen for these one hit wonders from 1976 and more of the greatest hits of all time tonight on the Night Shift with Craig Alan on K102.5.
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