Wednesdays on the Night Shift, we play songs from artists that had one Top 40 hit and disappeared. Tonight, they're all from the first year of the awesome '80s.

Ronald Reagan took office and ushered in what would become known as the "me" era or the "decade of greed." To us, it was just bodacious. Pac Man gobbled up dots, power pellets, Blinky, Pinky, Inky, Clyde and quarters. TV fans wondered "Who shot J.R.?" as the rest of us wondered if it was really possible to solve a Rubik's Cube without taking the stickers off. CNN debuted as the first 24 hour news network in 1980, just in time to televise the Iran/Iraq war as sports fans cheered the "Miracle on Ice" in Lake Placid as the U.S. hockey team defeated the Soviets to win Olympic gold.

Listen for these One Hit Wonders from the year 1980 tonight on the Night Shift with Craig Alan on K102.5:

Whip It | Devo

In this early MTV favorite, Devo helped us all figure out what to do when a problem comes along.

Turning Japanese | The Vapors

It was a different world in 1980. There's NO WAY this song is a hit in today's climate.

Steal Away | Robbie Dupree

Robbie was nominated for the Best New Artist Grammy in 1981 but lost to Christopher Cross.

Take Your Time (Do It Right) | SOS

Remnants of disco were still on the charts as we moved from the groovy '70s into the 1980s. S.O.S. stands for "Sounds of Success," but this was the best they managed on the pop charts.

Tired of Toein' the Line | Rocky Burnette

Honestly, I don't remember this one at all from back in the day, but this video is hilarious.

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