Nineteen eighty one saw the first flight of the space shuttle Columbia. Tonight on The Night Shift, artists that soared to the Top 40 charts just once.  

The 1980s were the decade of the Ronald Reagan presidency, with "The Gipper" in office from 1980-1988. A lot was changing in our world in 1981. As the space program continued to push the boundaries, everything else would soon be connected. We first heard the word "internet" in '81. Microsoft released MS-DOS and IBM unveiled the PC. The Royal Wedding of Charles & Diana captivated the world as the first woman took a seat on the United State Supreme Court- bonus points if you can name her.

Tonight on the Night Shift with Craig Alan, songs released in 1981 that were hits for artists who never had another. Its One Hit Wonder Wednesday 1981.

Key Largo | Bertie Higgins

"Here's looking at you, kid" Bertie's yacht rock homage to old movies was his only Top 40 chart hit.

Theme from The Greatest American Hero (Believe It or Not) | Joey Scarbury

Remember when high school substitute teacher Mr. Hinkley found a superhero suit? (Remember when they changed his name to "Mr. Hanley?) People loved the TV show theme so much, the full version became a hit song in 1981.

Genius of Love | Tom Tom Club

The husband & wife team of Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz of Talking Heads scored a hit with this from their pet project. They have released new material as recently as 2012.

Sausalito Summernight | Diesel

This is the best part of One Hit Wonder Wednesday: looking at the title of the song and not recognizing it at all, but having all the words of the song come back to you just as you're hearing them. Dutch singer Diesel was not as popular in the United States as his countrymen in the Shocking Blue or Golden Earring, but did score this unforgettable hit.

Double Dutch Bus | Frankie Smith

"Uptown, downtown, everybody's gettin' down."

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