Michael Jackson dominated radio in 1982 as his mammoth 'Thriller' album was released. Tonight, the artists who managed just one hit in their career.

The first CD player was sold in Japan in 1982, but they hadn't hit America yet. We were buying albums, cassettes and 45's of our favorite music and, of course, we were listening to it on the radio too. Tonight on the Night Shift with Craig Alan, songs released in 1982 that were hits for artists who never had another. Its One Hit Wonder Wednesday 1982.

Come On Eileen | Dexy's Midnight Runners

Nobody knew what "too-rye-ay" meant, but we all remember the band in overalls in this MTV favorite. The song is also notable as it went to #1 between "Billie Jean" and "Thriller," preventing Michael Jackson from having back-to-back number one hits.

Safety Dance | Men Without Hats

Good advice: leave your friends behind if they don't dance. If you remember this video from MTV, you know it could never be made today. Men Without Hats are still performing and were a huge hit with the Detroit crowd when they opened for Howard Jones in 2019.

Pass the Dutchie | Musical Youth

I was today years old when I learned that this song was adapted from another about the recreational use of cannabus. Of course, they couldn't have the kids sending that message.

Forget Me Nots | Patrice Rushen

This jazz pianist and R&B singer hit the charts just once, meaning we wouldn't forget her. If this song sounds strangely familiar, you may recognize it from Will Smith's "Men in Black" from the movie which heavily sampled this piece.

Love Plus One | Haircut One Hundred

This new wave band was a sensation in their native England, but managed just this one hit in the United States.

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