We're working our way through the '80s year by year spotlighting those artists who hit the charts just once and then disappeared. Tonight, we feature 1983.

U.S. troops put boots on the ground in Grenada while the Space Shuttle Challenger made its maiden flight in 1983. The biggest technological development that still has repercussions today was when ARPANET officially changed to use the Internet Protocol, creating the Internet. Gamers first met a pair of Italian brothers who were plumbers in 1983- perhaps you still remember Mario and Luigi? Madonna's star was rising as she released her first album as Michael Jackson, The Police, Duran Duran and Phil Collins ruled the charts. But what about the one hit wonders from 1983?

Too Shy | Kajagoogoo

Here's a familiar story: the lead singer thinks he is the band and cops an attitude. After Kajagoogoo fired Limahl, the band got along better but never had another chart hit. Bass player Nick Beggs was touring with Howard Jones in early 2020 and is a well-respected musician with an interesting resume.

Relax | Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Another Bristish band, Frankie did better than Kajagoogoo with "Two Tribes" just missing the Top 40 stateside. The big hit "Relax" was banned by the BBC at home.

True | Spandau Ballet

Just the opening notes of this song evoke feelings if you grew up in the 1980s. This worldwide hit earned them a spot on stage at Live Aid but the British band never managed another in America.

99 Luftballoons | Nena

Even if you couldn't understand the German version some of us heard on the radio, you knew that every single one of these nearly 100 balloons was red. The band never really liked the English version and thought it translated poorly. We still think it's a great song.

Puttin on the Ritz | Taco

Taco was an Indonesian-born Dutch singer who started his musical career in Germany. The song was a million-seller in the U.S. but Taco's career fell apart.

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