We've hit the mid-point of the best decade in music. Tonight, on the Night Shift we highlight one hit wonders from 1985.

Those of us who remember 1985 remember life without a cell phone. (These days, you don't even have to say "cell" anymore.) In fact, the internet was in its infancy as the first .com was registered. Music was going digital as compact discs were introduced for the first time. Chicago basketball fans were introduced to a legend when Michael Jordan won the NBA's Rookie of the Year honors. We loved this other new kid named Calvin and his adventures with his stuffed tiger Hobbes.

Duran Duran, Simple Minds, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Phil Collins, and Dire Straits ruled the radio in 1985 and many of music's biggest stars got together for Live Aid and "We Are the World." Tonight, we look at those artists, who, like New Coke, made a big splash and then dropped out of sight. It's a One Hit Wonder Wednesday spotlighting 1985.

Voices Carry | 'Til Tuesday

Aimee's spiky hair and look in the ever-present MTV video contributed to the success of this song. She went on to a brilliant solo career that, sadly, failed to yield any hit songs.

Life in a Northern Town | Dream Academy

Although the Dream Academy never scored another hit record, this song charted again in 2007 when the Country duo Sugarland teamed up with Jake Owen.

Perfect Way | Scritti Politti

Not to be confused with Hoi Polloi, a band formed in 1990 whose name means "the masses, the common people," Scritti Politti chose their name to mean "political writings." They were never elected to the Top 40 again.

Oh Yeah | Yello

Oh yeah...it's that song they used in Ferris Bueller. It's also fun to play at wedding receptions as the groom removes the garter. (Do they still even do that?)

Tarzan Boy | Baltimora

Five hundred bonus points if you remembered the name of this band. Another +200 if you can spell Tarzan's call.

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