As we close in on the end of the best decade in music, you'll hear one hit wonders from 1988 tonight on The Night Shift with Craig Alan on K102.5.

Thirty-two years ago, 1988 was an election year, just like 2020. While this year's may come down to the wire, George H.W. Bush won 40 states and 426 of the 537 electoral votes, defeating Michael Dukakis and earning his first term in the White House.

The world fell in love with the underdogs of the Jamaican bobsled team at the XV Olympic Winter Games in Calgary, Canada. Doug Williams was the MVP as the Washington Redkins defeated the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXII. Other memorable events in sports included the first ever night game at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Mike Tyson knocking out Michael Spinks, Steffi Graf winning the Grand Slam and the Detroit Pistons losing the NBA championship to the L.A. Lakers.

In music, these acts were superstars for just one glowing moment. Each placed a single hit on the Billboard charts and were never able to match that feat for the rest of their careers. Listen for them tonight on our One Hit Winder Wednesday on the Night Shift.

The Promise | When In Rome

This is a nearly-perfect pop song. It's a shame they never managed another.

Shattered Dreams | Johnny Hates Jazz

"So much for your promises..." Turn Back the Clock was a brilliant debut album, but this promising British band's dreams were shattered.

Don't Worry Be Happy | Bobby McFerrin

A very polarizing song- you either loved it or hated it after hearing it 10,000 times a day in 1988. Bobby McFerrin was a jazz singer who never touched the pop charts again.

Baby I Love Your Way/ Freebird Medley | Will To Power

This medley of 2 1970s songs put dance band Will To Power on the charts once, but they could never repeat the formula.

Listen for these songs and more on the 1985 One Hit Wonder Wednesday on the Night Shift with Craig Alan on K102.5

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