Tonight we look at the final year of the best decade in music and highlight artists that hit the Top 40 charts just once and disappeared as the 90s rolled in.

Kids born in 1989 are thirty-one years old today. They have never known life without a computer. For the rest of us, the year was a milestone in technology as Intel released the fastest microprocessor yet, paving the way for a new generation of faster personal computers. Microsoft released it's Office Suite including Word, Excel, database and power point presentation software- much of which is still widely used today.

Lives were changing across the world as the Berlin Wall fell, the Russians pulled out of Afghanistan, and the image of a single protester standing up to a tank in Tiananmen Square resonated around the globe. South African Prime minister F.W. de Klerk began the process of dismantling apartheid as George Bush Sr. is sworn in to begin his tenure at the White House.

Tonight on the Night Shift, we look at the one hit wonders of 1989- those bands that only scored one successful single and were never heard form again. Here's what you'll hear:

When I'm With You | Sheriff

This Canadian band went all the way to #1 in the U.S., but it was their only hit because they had broken up by then. The song was originally released in 1982, the band broke up in '85.

Buffalo Stance | Neneh Cherry

By today's standards, it's incredible that she could rap and she could sing so well, all while being hampered by wearing all those clothes.

So Alive | Love and Rockets

This goth band completely changed their sound on the follow-up album, and were promptly dropped by their record company.

Toy Soldiers | Martika

Did you know he cut her chops on the TV show Kids Incorporated? Did you know this song is about cocaine addiction?

Listen for these songs and more on the 1985 One Hit Wonder Wednesday on the Night Shift with Craig Alan on K102.5.

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