There are so many great soundtrack songs that were featured in big movies by artists whose career never matched the box office. At the movies this week on One Hit Wonder Wednesday.

Music always makes movies better and this week on the Night Shift, Craig Alan has some huge hits from massive movies of the '80s that we know you'll love and remember. Sadly, there was no sequel for these artists, as they only hit the charts once.

Maniac | Michael Sembello | Flashdance

This song was used for the iconic scene, where Jennifer Beals' Alex dances like she's never danced before. It was also used to great comedic effect in Tommy Boy. Michael Sembello had songs in other movies, but never another on the pop charts.

Oh Yeah | Yello | Ferris Bueller's Day Off

This is the song anyone can sing along to, and it was perfect for the antics of, anyone...anyone? A big hit from Ferris Bueller, it was also featured in otehr films, but the Swiss band never charted another American hit single. This song is sometimes played at weddings as the groom removes the garter. (Do they even do that anymore?)

She's Like the Wind | Patrick Swayze | Dirty Dancing

There were a lot of music-heavy movies in the '80s, but Dirty Dancing was one of the best. We all knew Patrick Swayze could act, but who knew he could dance and sing? He even co-wrote this Top 5 song. Like fellow actors Don Johnson and Eddie Murphy, Swayze got one solitary hit in his brief foray into singing.

Axel F. | Harold Faltermeyer | Beverly Hills Cop

Speaking of Eddie Murphy, this instrumental was a #1 international hit for German composer Harold Faltermeyer. He won a Grammy for this song and another for composing the Top Gun theme, but never had another chart hit as a performer.

Almost Paradise | Mike Reno and Ann Wilson | Footloose

We can't talk about '80s movies and not play a song from Footloose. Kenny Loggins, who did the title track was THE KING of '80s soundtracks. Although technically a one hit wonder, this was really a one-off pairing of the very successful Mike Reno from Loverboy and Ann Wilson of Heart. Both had major success and many hit records with their bands, but never collaborated again.

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Listen for these songs and more as we take you to the movies on our One Hit Wonder Wednesday on the Night Shift with Craig Alan.

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