We've got rap's first Top 40 hit, MTV's first music video, TV cops with no socks, Deadheads and more tonight on a One Hit Wonder Wednesday: 80s edition.

While '80s fashion may not have lasted (leg-warmers, parachute pants and side ponytail, anyone?), the music endures. One of the best things about it was the variety. Radio stations weren't as segmented as they are today and we grew up on a diet of incredibly diverse music with many different flavors. You could hear Ratt right after Wham! on your favorite station, followed by Prince and AC/DC. (Does that remind you of anyone?) We don't need an excuse to play songs from the greatest decade in music, it's what we do. Tonight on the Night Shift, listen for these '80s One Hit Wonders:

Video Killed the Radio Star | The Buggles

Famously (if not prophetically), this was the very first music video that MTV played when they launched on August 1, 1981. While Trevor Horn would go on to become an acclaimed record producer and Geoff Downs had massive success in the band Asia, they never had another hit as the Buggles.

Miami Vice | Jan Hammer

Crockett and Tubbs not only took over Friday night television, the Miami detectives influenced the fashion and style of the 80s. While some of the biggest chart hits were often heard on the show each week, it was Jan Hammer who composed the memorable theme song that bookended the show.

Rapper's Delight | Sugarhill Gang

Defining the first rap song generates as much controversy and discussion as picking out the first rock & roll record. Sugarhill Gang was the first artist of the genre to crack the Billboard Top 40 chart, a feat they could never duplicate.

Touch of Grey | Grateful Dead

True Deadheads discovered the band not long after they formed in 1965 and the preeminent jam band had a legion of devoted fans before they scored a mainstream hit in 1987 from their 12th album.

Listen for these one hit wonders from the '80s and all of Kalamazoo's greatest hits on the Night Shift with Craig Alan on K102.5.

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