There's no real theme this week on One Hit Wonder Wednesday, just great songs you'll remember from artists who had one more hit than the many who have tried.

One hit wonders get a bum rap sometimes. Sure, they only had one hit record but that's one more than you and I. Sometimes all it takes is massive success just once and you're set for life. Others have gone on to become time share salespersons or life insurance spokespersons. Tonight on the Night Shift, we're adding these one hit wonders to the greatest hits.

One Night in Bangkok | Murray Head

When you put the guys from ABBA together with Tim Rice to write a musical, you know it's going to be good. This song from Chess was an international hit for Murray Head, who also charted with a song from Jesus Christ Superstar, but failed to crack the Top 40, making him a one hit wonder. Next to "Your Move" from Yes, this is the best song about chess.

The Promise | When in Rome

This 1988 hit got a new life when it was used in the film Napoleon Dynamite in 2004. The band never had a follow-up to this memorable song due to infighting and legal issues. Nobody could think of the right words to say to make it work. (I'm sorry.)

Politics of Dancing | Re-Flex

Nobody likes to talk politics, but we love dancing. This British band had international success with this tune from their debut record in 1983, but the follow-up they planned for '85 didn't come out until 2010. That kills the momentum for sure.

Just the Two of Us | Grover Washington Jr.

When jazz great Grover Washington Jr. teamed up with Bill Withers (best known for "Lean on Me"), it was magic. It was Washington's only foray onto the pop charts. Will Smith did a great cover version of this, as did Dr. Evil in Austin Powers.

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