The big game is coming, and sometimes the commercials are the best part. Tonight, songs by one hit wonders used in commercials to sell all kinds of things.

After this week's One Hit Wonder Wednesday edition of the Night Shift, you may end up hungry for riblets, wanting to save 15% or more on car insurance, desiring hair so healthy it shines and checking your blood sugar level.

All eyes are on the field in Tampa this weekend, but sometimes the most entertaining part of the broadcast comes between the plays- the commercials seldom disappoint. Businesses spend a whole lot of money to get their message in front of millions of eyeballs, and part of the impact is to tickle your ears too. Tonight, on our One Hit Wonder Wednesday, Craig Alan has songs that were used in commercials on the Night Shift.

Whoomp! (There It Is) | Tag Team

Twenty seven years after their 1993 hit, DC "The Brain Supreme" Glenn and Steve "Rolln" Gibson appeared in a GEICO Insurance commercial, helping to plan dessert. "Scoop, there it is!"

She Blinded Me with Science | Thomas Dolby

"Why experiment with anything else" was the message of this 2004 Pantene commercial that borrowed Thomas Dolby's big '80s hit.

Magic | Pilot

The trademark "oh, oh, oh" that begins this song is followed not by the title, but by the brand name of this type 2 diabetes medication. Side effects may include a desire to put shag carpet on the walls of your minivan and panel the basement.

Come and Get Your Love | Applebee's

You might know this song better from Guardians of the Galaxy. Applebee's used Redbone's one hit song to sell riblets and margaritas. We couldn't find that particular commercial on YouTube, so please enjoy Christopher Walken dancing. (We did.)

Listen for these famous One Hit Wonder songs used in commercials and more of the greatest hits on the Night Shift with Craig Alan from 7-midnight.

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