Grab your bell bottoms and get your groove on. Tonight, our one hit wonders are all from the decade of the 1970s. Can you dig it?

Woodstock was 1969, and the hippies were still feelin' groovy into the '70s. Saturday Night Fever ushered in the disco era and Saturday Night Live debuted on television, live from New York. Betamax, Garfield, Three Mile Island, inflation and a peanut farmer in the White House- everything was far out this decade, including a space opera called Star Wars that premiered in 1977.

Bands like AC/DC, Abba, the Bee Gees, Bread, Black Sabbath, James Taylor and Earth Wind and Fire were the biggest artists of the decade and they were all played on the same radio station. Tonight, we look not at the biggest bands, but those who were big only for one shining moment on a One Hit Wonder Wednesday. Listen for these songs and more on the Night Shift:

Brandy (You're a Fine Girl) | Looking Glass

Thanks to Peter Quill's awesome mix tape in Guardians of the Galaxy, this song reached a whole new generation. In fact, it was responsible for many young girls being given the name at birth. You know the tale of Brandy's devotion, but did you know this 1972 hit prompted Barry Manilow to change the name of a song he was recording so they wouldn't be confused? Don't worry about Mandy, though, she did OK.

Bang a Gong (Get It On) | T. Rex

You won't find a more influential band that only had one hit. Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2020, Marc Bolan's band has cast a long shadow of influence in rock. Many of us remember the Power Station's hit version of this song from 1985, and their performance at Live Aid.

Me and Mrs. Jones | Billy Paul

This may be the best cheatin' song of all time. Number one for the last three weeks of 1972, the song sold two million copies and won Billy Paul a Grammy. Although the lovers met every day at the same cafe, he was never able to score another hit record.

Undercover Angel |Alan O'Day

Alan O'Day is one of very few singer-songwriters who wrote a #1 hit for themselves and someone else. O'Day wrote the chart-topping "Angie Baby" for Helen Reddy, the same year The Righteous Brothers took his "Rock and Roll Heaven" to #4. Later, Alan O'Day turned his attention to television, writing for the Muppet Babies and National Geographic.

Brother Louie | Stories

Every one hit wonder has a story, or an asterisk. Keyboardist Michael Brown had success with his previous band The Left Banke, scoring hits with "Walk Away Renee," and "Pretty Ballerina." This song was originally done by the British band Hot Chocolate and ended up breaking up Stories, as it did not represent the sound some members wanted for the band.


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Listen for these songs and more and enjoy this far out 1970s edition of One Hit Wonder Wednesday on the Night Shift with Craig Alan on K102.5.

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