Craig Alan takes you back to the best decade in music tonight on the Night Shift and is going to play you some awesome 80s bands that only hit the charts once.

Every Wednesday is a One Hit Wonder Wednesday on the Night Shift. You hear all of Kalamazoo's Greatest Hits and tonight, the focus is on bands from the 1980s- specifically bands that had only one Top 40 hit record. They had one hit and you wonder what happened.

The 1980s were full of huge stadium rock acts like Journey, Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen. Prince Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Madonna dominated the charts for weeks and months at a time. Every now and then, though, a newcomer would burst on the scene with a totally rad new song that everyone played on their boom boxes for a few weeks or maybe for the Summer, and we never heard from them again.

Tonight on the Night Shift (7-midnight) listen for these 80s One Hit Wonders:

Kajagoogoo | Too Shy

These guys might be the only band that could go toe-to-toe with Flock of Seagulls in the hair department. Lead singer Limahl went solo after this song hit big. You may remember his "Never Ending Story" song from the movie.

Big Country | In a Big Country

SHOT! This Scottish band only impacted the American charts once.

The Tubes | She's a Beauty

"Talk to ya Later" should have been their second hit, it's a great song. Around here, we love singer Fee Waybill for his performances at the Bran Theater in Augusta.

Frida | I Know There's Something Going On

There's something going on behind the scenes. Frida has many, many hits as a member of Abba. Also, Phil Collins lent  his talent on drums to this song and produced it.

Patrick Swayze | She's Like the Wind

For some reason, 80s TV and movie stars like Don Johnson, Bruce Willis, Eddie Murphy and Patrick Swayze thought they could be singers too. The huge success of Dirty Dancing helped make this a big hit. Patrick never recorded another.

Listen for these songs and more and enjoy the 1980s edition of the 1980s One Hit Wonder Wednesday on the Night Shift with Craig Alan on K102.5

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