Remember the "Potpourri" category on Jeopardy? You could get a question about anything. Tonight's one hit wonders are scattered across the greatest decade in music- the 1980s.

If you grew up in the '80s, you know it was a different world. We didn't have cell phones, for one, and most of us are glad because of it. (Can you imagine if there was evidence of all the stupid things you did growing up.) Mom yelling your name out the back door was the early version of the pager. If we wanted to watch a TV show, we actually had to wait until the scheduled time and got to see only one episode each week.

Technology was simpler, but there are things we learned to do that kids today can't, like writing in cursive. Most kids today also miss out on the creative fulfillment of making a ceramic ashtray in art class. (Many kids today don't even have art class.) We also had the best music ever, with Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen and Duran Duran on the radio everywhere. One more thing: radio was everywhere as kids carried boomboxes around instead of stuffing in earbuds and retreating to their own world.

Tonight on the Night Shift, our One Hit Wonder Wednesday is a hodgepodge of songs from the 1980's. You'll hear artists like these who had their one big hit and then disappeared...wonder what happened?

Almost Paradise | Mike Reno and Ann Wilson | 1984

OK, this one is kind of cheating, because Mike Reno had lots of hits as the lead singer of Loverboy and Ann Wilson racked up even more with her sister Nancy in Heart. They teamed up just this once for the love theme to Footloose.

Key Largo | Bertie Higgins | 1981

No, not Higgins from Magnum P.I. Elbert "Bertie" Higgins must have been a movie buff, as he combined the plot from the classic 1948 film Key Largo, starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall with a few lines from Casablanca. You might call this a retrospective soundtrack hit.

I Want Candy | Bow Wow Wow | 1982

This would never work today. Annabella Lwin was just 13 years old when the  band started and had appeared nude on two record covers before her 15th birthday. Spoiler: the song is not about candy.

19 | Paul Hardcastle | 1985

This British composer, musician, producer, songwriter, radio presenter and multi-instrumentalist had a hit across the pond with a commentary on the Vietnam War and the average age of U.S. armed forces members.

Tired of Toein' the Line | Rocky Burnette | 1980

Rocky was a part of the '80s rockabilly revival and he had the pedigree. The son of 1950's star Johnny Burnette, Rocky co-wrote this hit with Ron Coleman who played with the Everly Brothers. You may not recognize the title, but you will remember the song.

Listen for these one hit wonders from the 1980s tonight on the Night Shift with Crag Alan and hear all of Kalamazoo's Greatest Hits of the '70s, '80s and more on K102.5.

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