You didn't have to be a kid in the 1990s to remember these songs. We're featuring artists who had one big hit during the Clinton years and disappeared like Y2k.

Each Wednesday on the Night Shift, it's a One Hit Wonder Wednesday, where we play songs from artists that had exactly one Top 40 hit and never had another impact on the charts. Tonight, they're all from the 1990s.

The Iraq war, the first fought in real time on our TV screens, was started in the 90s. The first President Bush's successor, Bill Clinton was in the Oval Office for much of the decade, as was a certain intern. You remember Seinfeld (what's the deal with that?) and we first met Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe in 1994; they've been our Friends ever since. On the big screen, it was Titanic and Forrest Gump that dominated the decade, while Princess Diana and the O.J. Simpson trial made tabloid headlines in the '90s.

The music of the 1990s continued to expand as the grunge explosion began with Nirvana and the East Coast vs West Coast rivalry boosted gangsta rap and hip hop. Tonight, pure pop from the 90s decade on a One Hit Wonder Wednesday.

The Rembrandts | I'll Be There for You

Best known as the theme from Friends, the band never really wanted to record this. After a DJ looped the less-than-a-minute TV show theme to make a song he could play on the radio, the record company saw they could make some money by making their own version.

Deep Blue Something | Breakfast at Tiffany's

Remember this one? I think we both kinda liked it.

Len | Steal My Sunshine

This was such a fun-sounding, perfect Summer song it's hard to believe the band never had another hit.

Eagle-Eye Cherry | Save Tonight

Here's your trivia: Eagle-Eye is the half-brother of Neneh Cherry, who had her own one hit with "Buffalo Stance." Both were born in Sweden and never came close to the success of their countrymen Roxette in the United States.

OMC | How Bizarre

A New Zeeland act that was much more successful down under than they ever were in the United States.

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