We've got a Swedish superstar, Scottish lads and stars from the silver screen and soap operas on a "grab bag 80's" edition of One Hit Wonder Wednesday.

We're going to ring in the first weekend of 2021 with an 80's Party Weekend on K102.5 and the fun begins Wednesday on the Night Shift. Craig Alan has one hit wonders spanning the Regan decade from 1982-'89. Those artists that hit the charts with one memorable song, and you wonder what happened after that.

Rock On | Michael Damien

David Essex had an international hit with this song in 1973, and The Young and the Restless soap opera singer Michael Damien took his remake to #1 in 1989. You may not remember the song in the movie Dream a Little Dream, but you'll recognize Corey Haim and Corey Feldman in the video. Having moved on from music, Damien and his wife now write and direct Hallmark channel movies.

In a Big Country | Big Country

You couldn't turn on MTV in 1983 without seeing this video. The Scottish band remained popular in the UK, but never got another hit in America. Singer Stuart Adamson tragically died in 2001.

I Know There's Something Going On | Frida

No stranger to success, Anni-Frid Lyngstad, nicknamed "Frida" was part of the phenomenon known as Abba. Phil Collins produced her lone solo hit and played drums on the track. After a very short marriage to an Abba bandmate, Lyngstad married Prince Heinrich Ruzzo of Reuss, Count of Plauen, who was a prince of the former sovereign House of Reuss; since then she has held the titles of Princess Reuss and Countess of Plauen with the style of Her Serene Highness.

Party All the Time | Eddie Murphy

What's the problem, Eddie? Complaining because you're not in a relationship with a homebody? It's hard to believe that "Boogie in Your Butt" didn't give the actor another hit record as a singer.

Listen for these '80s one hit wonders, Wednesday on the Night Shift as we get ready for an All '80s Party Weekend on K102.5.

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