Here's the skinny: this week on the Night Shift, all of our one hit wonder songs are from the decade of disco. Can you dig it?

We always give you the greatest hits 24/7/365, but Wednesday nights are special. We spotlight those artists who only got one shining moment of stardom before their career flickered out. Tonight on the Night Shift, One Hit Wonder Wednesday focuses on the super '70s. So, get set to crank it up and boogie down.

Afternoon Delight | Starland Vocal Band

Did you know the suggestive title came from a happy hour menu? This was one of the biggest songs of America's bicentennial year of 1976. It even garnered the Starland Vocal Band a television variety show that lasted just six weeks in the Summer of 1977. Just four short years later, the band had broken up.

Seasons in the Sun | Terry Jacks

"We had joy, we had fun," but Terry Jacks couldn't follow up this mammoth hit. He didn't write the song, nor was he the first to record it, but he recorded the definitive version- a haunting, sad story of a dying man's farewell.

Wildflower | Skylark

Geography played a big role in this bands success. Canada has national laws regarding what radio stations may play. A certain percentage of songs must be by Canadian artists. As Detroit and Windsor are so close, Motown residents listened to a lot of CKLW- a Windsor radio station that had a clear signal in Detroit. A good song is a good song no matter what the nationality of the artist, but Skylark never picked another like "Wildflower."

Listen for these songs and more on our Super '70s One Hit Wonder Wednesday on the Night Shift. Thanks for listening, we'll see you on the flip side!

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