Grab your bell bottoms and get your groove on. Tonight, our one hit wonders are all from the decade of the 1970s. Can you dig it? 

Woodstock was 1969, and the hippies were still feelin' groovy into the '70s. Saturday Night Fever ushered in the disco era and Saturday Night Live debuted on television, live from New York. Betamax, Garfield, Three Mile Island, inflation and a peanut farmer in the White House- everything was far out this decade, including a space opera called Star Wars that premiered in 1977.

Bands like AC/DC, Abba, the Bee Gees, Bread, Black Sabbath, James Taylor and Earth Wind and Fire were the biggest artists of the decade and they were all played on the same radio station. Tonight, we look not at the biggest bands, but those who were big only for one shining moment on a One Hit Wonder Wednesday. LIsten for these songs and more on the Night Shift:

Afternoon Delight | Starland Vocal Band

This #1 song was big enough to garner them a television variety show which enjoyed an extended six week run. Some guy named David Letterman had one of his first jobs as a writer.

Moonlight Feels Right | Starbuck

Another hit from the Bicentennial, his song just feels like the '70s. Despite performing on American Bandstand, the Mike Douglas Show and Solid Gold, the wind never blew some luck their way again.

Thunder Island | Jay Ferguson

Although he only had one solo hit record, Jay Ferguson also charted as part of the group Spirit with "I've Got a Line on You" in 1968.


Gold | John Stewart

The title may not ring a bell, but you'll know this one as soon as you hear it. And, yes, that's the unmistakable Stevie Nicks on backing vocals. Although technically a one hit wonder, John was also a part of the Kingston Trio folk group in the '60s and wrote "Daydream Believer" for The Monkees.

Every Wednesday on the Night Shift with Craig Alan, we highlight the artists that had just one Top 40 hit and then disappeared form the pop culture radar altogether: one hit wonders. Enjoy the 1970s edition on K102.5.

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