We don't have a lot of snow, but it's been a cold week. Warm up your Wednesday night with these tropical Summer songs on the Night Shift.

Music can have a big effect on your mood. This week on One Hit Wonder Wednesday, we're hoping to make the temperature rise with songs about tropical beaches and sunny weather. It doesn't matter what it's like outside, things will be hot on your radio with these summer songs that were these artists only moment to shine on the Billboard charts.

In the Summertime | Mungo Jerry

A summertime road trip romance, this song sold 30+ million copies and is one of the best-selling singles of all time. Although completely unknown in the U.S. after this song, the band had a few more hit songs in the U.K., and released an album called Cool Jesus in 2012.

Seasons in the Sun | Terry Jacks

Did you know this was supposed to be a Beach Boys song? When the band decided not to release it, producer Terry Jacks cut it himself, then resumed his career behind the console instead of a microphone, always remembering that one summer when we had joy, we had fun.

Key Largo | Bertie Higgins

You'll find this one on every single Yacht Rock playlist out there. Bertie drops in a few lines from the movie Casablanca, then references Humphrey Bogart with, not Ingrid Bergman, but Loren Bacall in Key Largo. We had it all...except for a follow-up hit song.

Beach Baby | First Class

The girl next door looked different in her swimsuit than she did in her "beat up sneakers and a ponytail." This is an incredible pop song about an unforgettable summer romance.

Beach baby, beach baby
Give me your hand
Give me somethin' that I can remember

Montego Bay | Bobby Bloom

It's always summer in Jamaica. Bobby Bloom only had this one hit about the city as a singer, but he was a successful writer, collaborating on hits for the Monkees, Tommy James, the Archies and more.

We hope these songs warm your heart and get you up and moving. Hear all of these and more of the greatest hits as our One Hit Wonder Wednesday warms up a Michigan winter on the Night Shift.

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