When a member of Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety retires, there's often a party, some gifts, a few speeches with light-hearted and well-meaning ribbing. I have a feeling that this retirement is going to be filled with a lot of "good boy"s. Bodi, a longtime member of the KDPS K9 unit, is retiring, according to the Kalamazoo Public Safety K9 Team's Facebook page:

Today we say goodbye to K9 "Bodi" who has served KDPS for the past 7 years. He's going to enjoy retirement with his K9 handler Scott Brooks. Thank you for your service Bodi and enjoy your retirement!

49 dog-years on the force. That truly is something. I wonder what the equivalent of a gold watch is for such an occasion. Gold tags? A collar that reads "Retired"? All I know is that if you need Bodi, he''ll be sleeping in while still dreaming about getting the bad guy. Happy retirement, Bodi!

Kalamazoo Public Safety K9 Unit

Bodi's Official Sendoff:


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