The Parchment Rocket Football organization brought in over 2,000 pounds of food for Kalamazoo Loaves and Fishes. This year they were asked for plenty of variety with donated items. The items will be used in the pantry at Kalamazoo Loaves and Fishes, where families come in and gather needed items. Families can pick what they want so having a variety is good and gives them more of a true shopping experience.

One team was noted for bringing in over 1,400 pounds of food donations alone. The top donation gathering teams were Rocket Tackle Division 7th grade and Middle School Cheer Coach Fulbright.

Kalamazoo Loaves and Fishes provide an average of 700 people with groceries each day no matter background or beliefs.

While Parchment is most recently recognized for the PFAS water contamination in the city's water supply as well as private wells in the city and neighboring Cooper Township, they are also a small community that banned together make short work of unloading multiple semi flatbeds of water being brought in for residents of both communities. In fact, Parchment's High School Football players were among the first volunteers the morning after the water ban was issued.

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