I asked Facebook this question as a social experiment. I got a lot of heat from some people and great answers from others, here's what I learned. 

Last week I went to a Kalamazoo themed Facebook page and asked what they HATE about Kalamazoo. The answers were amazing, thought out and discussion worthy. While I did have one person get very angry and call me a few names, this turned into a great launching pad for a discussion. Heres some of the answers.

I've only been in Kalamazoo for a couple weeks but I like the town-Mary Solorzano


Poorly planned roadwork. Unless you know the city well, it's been hard to get around this year-Ron Olson


I love Kalamazoo. Limited Parking downtown and the price of parking not so much in love with-Priscilla Rathburn Noggle-Kalmer


There is nothing for the youth to be developed other than sports. Age 12-18 that are not into sports have no clue what else positive to get into-Meoshi Atkinson

Then came a ton of comments about the condition of our roads, the construction, bikes, and breweries being too much of a focus. Comments about how our community is divided deeply by finance and ethnicity.

Finally, I got the answers I was looking for,

It seems like we all hate the same stuff and like the same stuff but why is our community so divided-Adrianna TheMom Wilson


Lots of good conversation. Now what can we do about it?-Sam Haywood

Yes, I left the link to Sam because I have learned he is an amazing person and tolerates me asking questions like this on the page he Administrates over, Kalamazoo...yesterday, today, and tomorrow! on Facebook.

We all seem to hate the same things, like the same things, shop the same stores, go to the same events. So what makes us so divided? These are great questions that lead to a great discussion.

So what can you do? Get involved! Be an active, positive part of the community. the City of Kalamazoo posts upcoming events and city meetings that are open to the public. Take part in these meetings. Participate in community activities. get to know your neighbors next door and across town. That's how we start to change for the better.

Thank you, Sam, and all who commented on my little social experiment. Also, If I made anyone angry, I do apologize for that but I think we came away with a lot of useful information that each of us and our public officials needs to hear. I guess we all really love Kalamazoo.

BONUS VIDEO: The 9 Possible Meanings of Kalamazoo - Michiography



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