Tuesday September 18th is National Cheeseburger Day and I was just thinking of how much I want a quality burger for dinner. I took to Facebook to ask our listeners in the Kalamazoo area some of the best places to grab a great cheeseburger to narrow down my choices. If you plan on celebrating like me as an excuse to have a good burger, here are some of the place they suggested:


Sara Lopez- Nonla Burger 

Mellisa Wisser- Five Guys

Sierra Ward- Hop Cat!

Amanda Fletcher- Nonla Burger For Sure!

Liz Papierz- Nonla 

Jim McNamara- O’Duffy’s

Then here come our listeners with the jokes:

Matthew Kasdorf - McDonald's

Laura Brown- Burger King

(Both make great burgers but I'm kinda looking for something more local HAHA)

It's quite clear that the people of Kalamazoo are crazy about Nonla Burgers which means tomorrow I'll be celebrating National Cheeseburger Day over there. Where will you be celebrating at?

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