There's no prize and no trophy to bring home, but It's open season on cuddles as Portage hosts a virtual teddy bear hunt.

You may have heard about kids across the globe making rainbows for their windows to brighten these dark days and people playing carols and hanging up Christmas lights to bring some much-needed cheer wile everyone is cooped up inside. All this week, the City of Portage is hosting a virtual teddy bear hunt to have some fun. From their Facebook page:


We're going on a Teddy Bear Hunt! Here's how it works:
1. Every day April 6 - 10, we will post a picture of Teddy Bear visiting a fun location in Portage.
2. You have to GUESS where in the city you think that Teddy is visiting.
3. Check back with us at 7 PM each day to find out where Teddy visited that day.
4. Have fun following along as we explore the fun places in the City of Portage.

-Virtual Teddy Bear Hunt

It didn't take long before people figured out where they thought the first bear might be. Check back and play along all week and see how well you know Portage.

BONUS: If you knew that the teddy bear was so named in honor of President Roosevelt, you'll want to read on.

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