What started as a hobby for one young Portage resident has started to grow into a dream for the future. A dream with a unique theme and a strong following. 

Jake Lohse, the President of Presidential Brewing Company and Kayleigh Lohse, the First Lady, allowed me to invade the Friday night festivities. An event called "new beer Friday", where Jake and a bunch of friends get together to try new beers and sample his latest creation.

The plan is to one day, open a physical location with the full restaurant/brewery experience so that the public can enjoy his beer and the unique, presidential theme. Beer names to date are as follows.

Thomas Hefferson (hefeweizen)
Oatbama (oatmeal milk stout)
Hoppy Hamilton (double IPA)
EisenPower Pale Ale (Pale ale)
Rutherford B. Haze (N E IPA)
Write in ballot: ________________ (IPA)*

*Write in has been brewed several times, just with different hops. We write in the hop name depending on which one was served.

Jake talked me through the process of brewing beer and how he got started with the first batch being brewed in a bbq grill. check out a few photos here.

Now, I will admit that I'm not a huge beer drinker. I couldn't tell you the last beer I had, in fact. But this was really quite good. A brew called Oatbama.

Remember The first brew mentioned that was cooked on a grill? A batch that started the whole Presidential Brewery theme. A brew called Grill Clinton.

I look forward to seeing what becomes of Jakes dream of owning a brewery and invite you to join me in wishing him luck.

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