The tree, which was a mainstay of the Christmas season at the Eastbrook Mall (now known as the Shops at CenterPoint) back in the '70s, is a fond memory for many, but some say they were afraid of it.

While doing a Christmas deep dive on the net, I came across this photo of Tilly, posted on the Grand Rapids subreddit.

Tilly the Talking Christmas Tree, Eastbrook Mall from r/grandrapids

After talking to some folks who grew up here, some had fond memories of Tilly, others say they were afraid of the tree, who had a live person inside, and would interact with kids.

Even the comments on the photo on Reddit say the tree is a little scary looking. And Christmas trees talking to you are a spooky proposition. But maybe if they had a little comedy routine like the trees below, it would be less intense for kids.

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