Michigan has everything, almost. We have a state bird, state flower, stone and even soil (Kalkaska sand if you were wondering). So why was the proposed poem never passed?

First, look at that picture of the Michigan State Capitol. Sometimes Google's Street view cameras get it right.

Now the good stuff. Back in September of 2014 State Rep. Bruce Rendon proposed House Bill 5821 which would have put us in with states like Indiana, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Tennessee. Stated that have all adopted a state poem.

The proposed was written by Millie “The Chisler” Miller called "Hand of Michigan". The poem was quoted in a story written for Gophouse.org, and again here.

God knitted a mitten of wood, rock and lime,

Made a foundation to last through all time.

He planted his palm with Hemlock and Pine,

Then blessed it with rain and sunshine.

In all the world there’s no other land

That God himself patterned from his own hand!


Millie passed in 1998 but we did find one Youtube video of her.