Well, it looks like a restaurant in Detroit has successfully made mac 'n cheese more than just a topping for a burger.

The next time you find yourself making a trip down to Detroit, make a quick stop in Royal Oak for a bite. Ale Mary's restaurant, in downtown Royal Oak, has found another way to include mac 'n cheese to the burger menu. I have had burgers with mac 'n cheese as a topping, but I have never had a burger like this.

The "Fat Dan" has everything you could want in a burger, well in my opinion anyway. It is an Angus steakburger with some of the best toppings like bacon, white cheddar, and pickled jalapenos. The bun, however, is something I've never seen before. It is a big ole serving of mac 'n cheese with a deep-fried crust. Who is ready to take a long, early lunch with me today?

Source: MLive