More than a month after a 4th of July visit by a deer to Oval Beach, the Saugatuck dunes remain a gathering spot for wildlife. 

Growing up in Holland, a trip to Saugatuck was mandatory if you ran out of beer on a Sunday. Ottawa County used to be dry on the Sabbath but those heathens in Allegan County would sell you anything after 12 o'clock. I'm not entirely sure that's the reason why, but a trip to Saugatuck is a Summer tradition for me. I love to walk the docks and read the imaginative boat names while listening to the music coming form the deck at Coral Gables. A Marro's pizza is a must and there's no better way to waste time on a Summer day that browsing the art galleries and ice cream shops.

Saugatuck was named one of the best beach towns in the world and wildlife love lake life too. We haven't heard much since a deer got friendly with beachgoers on July 4, but they are still out there- I saw THREE deer at the top of Mount Baldhead. It is 302 steps to the peak and a sandy trail leads down the backside to Oval Beach. I spotted the deer munching on bushes near the abandoned building at he summit, and was able to get quite close and get some pictures. Apparently white-tailed deer still love the whitecaps of Lake Michigan.

Bonus Video: Climbing the 302 Steps to the Top of Mount Baldhead