Our weekly Sweetwater's Donut delivery goes to Schupan & Sons for making the switch to listening to K102.5 at work.

From its humble beginning in 1958, Schupan & Sons has grown to locations in 4 states and an international enterprise. Nadine, an avid K102.5 listener, tells us it's the people that make the difference and a work culture of caring. I met owner Marc Schupan while I was there and he talked about the company's commitment to Kalamazoo. Mr. Schupan is a fellow Michigan State University graduate and has a sports memorabilia collection any fan would love!

For being our latest Workplace of the Week, Schupan & Sons are enjoying donuts from Sweetwater's Donut Mill and the bonus of lunch from Smoke-n-Buns

Have you made the switch at work? Let us know and perhaps we'll be making a donut delivery to you next.

 Bonus Video: A Visit to Smoke-N-Buns in Kalamazoo, Michigan