Nazareth College closed in 1992 but the Sisters remained and so did the Congregation of St. Joseph Chapel along with this secret staircase that is the only one in existence in the U.S. Hidden behind this Michigan Chapel is a unique staircase. There are only three of its kind in the world and only one in the United States and it's here in Kalamazoo. What is really unique is that you can't walk up the stairs, you must crawl up on your knees.

Known as the Scala Sancta, or Holy Stairs. The Pamphlet I received from one of the sisters states that they are similar to the original located in Rome. Read more about this unique staircase in this gallery.


There are about 80 sisters that still reside in the dormitory at The Congregation of St. Joseph. I want to give them a special thank you for allowing me into their home and for sharing this amazing piece of history.