Trump administration puts a hold on plans to stop Asian Carp from entering the Great Lakes. You can sign the petition to demand action now! 

Asian Carp, Also called Silver Carp, are an invasive species, destroying lake ecosystems all over after an accidental release into the wild.

In the 1970s, fish farmers in mostly Southern states began importing Asian carp from China to help clean their commercial ponds. The rise in the populations of bighead and silver carp has been dramatic where they are established in the Mississippi River basin. Although many sources cite the record floods of the 1990s as the means by which Asian carp escaped aquaculture ponds into the Mississippi River, this is apocryphal. At least one known escape of bighead carp from aquaculture ponds occurred in 1995, but bighead and silver carp were established in the Mississippi River basin prior to 1990. Grass carp have been reproducing in the Mississippi River since the 1970s.

Now, the trump administration has halted actions, known as the Brandon Road Plan, to stop the carp from reaching the great lakes through the Chicago waterway system. Senator Stabenow from Michigan has created a petition asking that immediate action be taken to protect our water ways.  Sign the petition to Demand Immediate action here.

BONUS VIDEO: Lear more about this invasive carp