Given the popularity of Michigan's two largest universities, you might think there would be lots of streets named Spartan and Wolverine in the state, but there are just two places where Spartan meets Wolverine.

According to, a website that allows you to find any intersection of streets by name, these are the only two places in Michigan where a Spartan Street crosses Wolverine.

Battle Creek

Shown above, on Battle Creek's northwest side, Spartan and Wolverine Drives are short residential streets that run between Limit Street and Waubascon Road.

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Madison Heights

In the Detroit suburb of Madison Heights, Wolverine Street runs between Lincoln Ave and 11 Mile Road. Spartan Drive (and yes it is signed as a 'Drive' by Madison Heights despite being labeled 'Street' on the Google Map) is a short dead-ending stub off of Wolverine.

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Outside of Michigan

In North Liberty, Iowa, in the shadow of the University of Iowa, there is a subdivision where all the streets are named after Big 10 school mascots. Here is the only other intersection of Wolverine and Spartan in America.

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