The Last Jedi Hits theatres on December 15th. Before you go to the Movie, you need to go to The Science of Star Wars at the Hurst Planetarium and Ella Sharp Museum in Jackson.

The Star Wars Exhibit runs through January 7th with a special event on the 8th and you can even take part with your artwork.

Submit artwork for possible inclusion in a pop-up Star Wars themed exhibit at the Ella Sharp Museum in Jackson, MI.

Artwork for the exhibition will be selected by the folks from Court of Nerds podcast and exhibited at the museum beginning in November.

Then, join us on December 8 for The Science of Star Wars a special event at the museum featuring MeggaXP, Star Wars trivia, a presentation in the Hurst Planetarium, and so much more!

Also, Jackson College biology professor Steven Albee-Scott and mathematics professor Steven Tuckey are hosting the presentation - all while the Death Star is projected on the dome of the Hurst Planetarium. The Planetarium is located at 3328 S. Oakwood Drive in Jackson.